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So, join us, follow us and learn. We will show you easy, sellable crafts with instructions on how to make them. We will also show you how to get
involved in festivals: where to find them, how to pick the right ones for you, and how to profit from them.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Festival Profit from Toys

One of the best sellers I have found in the past 6 years at all the festivals we have done are the Marshmellow Shooters!  These simple toys are enjoyed by young and old alike.  The kids can play with them with no worry about getting hurt (unless they hit each other over the head, and then it is a stick!) and adults just enjoy how young they feel, shooting each other with these miniature marshmellows.
I like going deer hunting with my 'Shooter.   Yeah, I know that my chances of bagging the big one are slim, but then, I can always eat the ammo!
Each gun costs in the neighborhood of  $1.50 to make, not counting your time.  We sell ours for $5.00 to $6.00 depending on the festival.  A GREAT profit margin!
All of our handmade crafts are available from Our store!   So, if you would like one to use as a pattern, just order from the store and it will be sent to you immediately!

Marshmellow Shooters
These shooters are very popular with the kids.  They are easy to make and very safe.  The only way they can hurt each other with one is to hit each other over the head with it and then it is a stick!  When the grandkids comeover they enjoy 'arming' themselves and having a battle.  Though I believe that half the fun is eating the ammo!

All PVC pipe comes in 10 ft. lengths.  If you are allowing children to help, the adult should be using the cutter, it is very shart and can injure.
Also, if using the glue, use in well ventilated area.
PVC Cutter
PVC Glue (optional)
Spray Paint for Plastic (your choice of color)
All product is Half Inch, Schedule 40 PVC unless otherwise noted:
1 ...  Tee slip connector
2 ...  90 degree elbow slip connector
1 ...  Slip cap
1 ...  Connector
1 ...  8 inch Pipe
1 ...  4 inch Pipe
1 ...  6 inch Pipe
1 ...  1.5 inch Pipe
1 ...  3 inch Pipe
Spray paint in the colors of your choice.

Connect the Connector on one end of the 8 inch Pipe and the 4 inch Pipe on the other using the Tee.  At the bottom of the Tee connect the 6 inch Pipe.  Place the Slip cap on the bottom of this 6 inch pipe.
Place one elbow on the end of the 4 inch Pipe with the 1.5 inch Pipe fitted into the other end.  Place the second elbow on the other end of the 1.5 and place the 3 inch Pipe into this.
Any or all these connections can be glued if you so choose.  If you do, however, you will not be able to dissmantle to remove any lodged marshmellows.
To shoot, place one miniature marshmellow into the 3 inch Pipe, take a deep breath and BLOW into the 3 inch.
Once completed the 'Shooter can be spray painted in the color of your choice.  It is good to give the kids a wide range of colors and designs.  Camo, Pink, Black and Red are good basic choices.  Beyond that, use your imagination.

You now hold in your hands, one of the greatest toys known to man and beast!  Not only can the kids play with it, the wife can use it as a remote attention getter when you won't listen.  It can also be used to feed the dogs should they like marshmellows. Our chihuahua, Tiny loves it when we start 'firing' our 'Shooters!